Welcome to The Breadwinner Bakery

Since 1973 our Master Craftsmen Bakers have been supplying Edinburgh with wholesome breads, pastries and cakes, and our exclusive Stromboli range. We are committed to excellence, baking products free from preservatives, chemicals and addititives. More about The Breadwinner

  • Almond Croissant

    Available in Scotmid Stores

    Almond Croissant

    Our pastry dough is made over 18 hours, slowly layering in butter...

  • Bagel Plain

    Available in Scotmid Stores

    Bagel Plain

    Halo shaped sweet rolls. While many bagels are boiled we prefer to just simply bake ours.

  • Petite Pan

    Available in Scotmid Stores

    Petite Pan

    Petite Pan

  • White Cheese Scone

    Available in Scotmid Stores

    White Cheese Scone

  • Multiseeded Roll

    Available in Scotmid Stores

    Multiseeded Roll

    Tastes great filled with cheddar and chutney

  • Beer Barm

    Available in Scotmid Stores

    Beer Barm

    St. Giles Ale to both the dough and the seeds to give this loaf an unmistakeable beer flavour.

  • Sun-dried Tomato Quiche

    Sun-dried Tomato Quiche

    Made with sundried tomatoes, baked in a wholemeal short crust pastry

  • Chocolate and Chilli Cheesecake

    Chocolate and Chilli Cheesecake

    Refrigerated dark chocolate cheesecake infused with a twist of chilli

  • Challah Loaf

    Available in Scotmid Stores

    Challah Loaf



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