Welcome to The Breadwinner Bakery

Since 1973 our Master Craftsmen Bakers have been supplying Edinburgh with wholesome breads, pastries and cakes, and our exclusive Stromboli range. We are committed to excellence, baking products free from preservatives, chemicals and addititives. More about The Breadwinner

  • Scottish Oatcakes

    Scottish Oatcakes

    Deliciously made with simple ingredients. Great with chutney, jam or soft cheese.

  • Petite Pain

    Available in Scotmid Stores

    Petite Pain

    Crispy on the outside soft on the inside. Great for dipping in soup.

  • Ciabatta Loaf

    Available in Scotmid Stores

    Ciabatta Loaf

    A classic Italian loaf. Great to pair with tomato and prosciutto,

  • Edinburgh Beer Barm Bloomer

    Available in Scotmid Stores

    Edinburgh Beer Barm Bloomer

    St. Giles Ale to both the dough and the seeds to give this loaf an unmistakeable beer flavour.

  • Plain Scone

    Available in Scotmid Stores

    Plain Scone

    Perfect with a cuppa and jam.

  • Tiger Roll

    Tiger Roll

  • Luxury Croissant

    Available in Scotmid Stores

    Luxury Croissant

    Our pastry dough is made over 18 hours, slowly layering in butter...

  • Brown Scottish Morning Roll

    Brown Scottish Morning Roll

  • Sweet Pepper Stromboli

    Sweet Pepper Stromboli

    A delicious blend of fresh crisp peppers, herbs and spices

Wholesale Bakery of the Year 2017!

We are ecstatic to be voted the best bakery in all of Scotland at the Food Awards this year! Read more »

Stromboli: a Breadwinner exclusive

Named after an active volcano, Stromboli erupt with flavour and can be served hot or cold. Versatile and delicious. Read more »