Welcome to The Breadwinner Bakery

Since 1973 our Master Craftsmen Bakers have been supplying Edinburgh with wholesome breads, pastries and cakes, and our exclusive Stromboli range. We are committed to excellence, baking products free from preservatives, chemicals and addititives. More about The Breadwinner

  • Sourdough Loaf

    Sourdough Loaf

    Healthy all-rounder suitable for garlic bread and soups

  • White Bloomer

    White Bloomer

    Plain white loaf for soups, open sandwiches, toasting and dipping

  • Pumpkin & Sunflower Roll

    Available in Scotmid Stores

    Pumpkin & Sunflower Roll

    Tastes great with tuna mayo and a little red onion

  • Breakfast Muffins

    Breakfast Muffins

    Ideal for eggs Benedict, poached eggs and other breakfast dishes

  • Challah Loaf

    Available in Scotmid Stores

    Challah Loaf


  • Pretzel

    Available in Scotmid Stores


    This roll is made from a sweet dough and is crossed to represent hands in prayer.

  • French Stick

    French Stick

    Suitable for soups, sandwiches and garlic bread

  • Caramel Shortcake

    Caramel Shortcake

    Traditional shortbread base with thick caramel filling and chocolate topping

  • Malted Sunflower

    Malted Sunflower

    For this roll we turned to the whisky industry to source a pure malt...

A brief history of The Breadwinner

Since opening in 1973 The Breadwinner Wholesale Bakery has been supplying high quality baked products in Edinburgh. Read more »


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