• Sweet Pepper Ciabatta Bread

    Sweet Pepper Ciabatta Bread

    Our sweet pepper topped classic Italian loaf.

  • Onion Bloomer

    Onion Bloomer

    White bread enhanced with roasted onion - great for soups and sandwiches

  • Olive & Gruyere Loaf

    Available in Scotmid Stores

    Olive & Gruyere Loaf

    This is a complex loaf packed full of premium ingredients to create this highly visual and tasty loaf.

  • Rustic Parisian

    Available in Scotmid Stores

    Rustic Parisian

    Traditional French bread recipe.

  • Edinburgh Bannock

    Edinburgh Bannock

    Sweet fruit loaf developed by the Breadwinner over 30 years ago and is still a favourite in Edinburgh today.

  • Tomato Ciabatta Roll

    Tomato Ciabatta Roll

    Tasty slipper-shaped roll with chopped sun-dried tomatoes

  • Petite Pain

    Available in Scotmid Stores

    Petite Pain

    Crispy on the outside soft on the inside. Great for dipping in soup.

  • Multiseeded Roll

    Available in Scotmid Stores

    Multiseeded Roll

    Tastes great filled with cheddar and chutney

  • Pumpkin & Sunflower Roll

    Available in Scotmid Stores

    Pumpkin & Sunflower Roll

    Tastes great with tuna mayo and a little red onion

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