We have a team of master bakers who have been trained in the craft of baking. These bakers show a love of the art of baking and use their skill to create our products. We produce visually attractive items that are healthy and wholesome. We are not reliant on machinery, so using the experience and adaptability of our bakers, we can change products to influence market trends and respond to client needs.


We are committed to providing baked products of the highest standard. We are also committed to honest and close relationships with our customers building their trust over time through great service.

Food Safety Standards

In order to ensure our food safety procedures are up to date, we are given a weekly audit by an external food hygiene consultant. And we go beyond the basic Environmental Health Department standards by being audited and accredited yearly to the SALSA food safety standard.


We have invested in our IT systems to ensure we can meet our customer's needs. This means our office team can quickly bring up your details and what you have ordered from us before so that they can best assist you. They can now also provide full allergen and nutritional information for all the products you may order.

Local and Fresh

While we have many nationalities working for us and we learn a huge amount from their experiences, we were founded by and we are still owned by The McVey family. We use the freshest possible ingredients and source these from local suppliers - we buy some of our flour from a farm near Haddington.

We have an extensive range for our customers to choose from; this range includes products from many different origins e also pride ourselves in being one of the only bakeries that still use and teach the traditional Scottish artisan method. We also love to innovate, and we are always looking to improve on what we already do, so please ask if there is anything you would like.

Please contact us to find out more. Or call on +44 131 229 7247